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Ways to stay in Thailand and find car insurance that will not cost a fortune

Many people come to Thailand for a short visit during a round the world trip and end up wanting to stay a lot longer than they had originally planned. For such people there are a number of visa agents that organise trips to neighbouring countries where tourist visas can be applied for and they will take care of all the formalities. When arranging cover for your vehicle at home you will need to take care of the formalities yourself but fortunately this is quite easy to do and the whole process can be completed online these days. Once a quote has been accepted, the broker will generate the necessary paperwork and send it to your home.

The paperwork that is involved in applying for a tourist visa is not particularly onerous but finding the consulate and cheap accommodation can take quite a time when travelling alone. A visa tour company will lay everything on including transport, a room in a guesthouse, a guide to take you to the consulate and handle all the paperwork and meals while you are away. This makes for a much more relaxing experience than trying to go it alone. Many people rent cars and motorbikes when travelling but policies bought at home will not cover you for driving these so it will be necessary to ensure that the company you hire a vehicle from can arrange comprehensive cover as well. Certain policies will cover drivers who take their own vehicle out of the country but car insurance for this purpose is quite unusual.

Sitting back and relaxing on a luxury tour bus is certainly a better way of making your way to a country bordering Thailand when going to get a new visa than trying to drive there yourself. When entering some countries, such as Laos, it may be almost impossible to take your own car through anyway so it is definitely a better idea to let someone else deal with all the hassles. If you are going to be away for a long time then storing your car in a secure garage may help to keep your premiums lower than they otherwise would be. Vehicles parked on the street are obviously easier for thieves to target than those kept safely behind locked doors, hence the lower rates for those parked in garages. To avoid getting into trouble if your passport is stolen while in Thailand it is a good idea to keep photocopies of the page containing all your personal details and those that have the entry stamp and visa on them. This will make it much easier to obtain a replacement and get your old visa transferred to the new passport. People that spend a fair amount of time abroad every year might be able to get themselves insured for less on a limited mileage policy with some companies. Statistically, the less time you spend on the road, the less chance there is of you being involved in a road accident of course.