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Visa runs and Thomas Manfield employment solicitors - Unfair dismissal

Although it is illegal for foreigners to work in Thailand without a work permit and other appropriate paperwork in place, this doesn't mean to say that there aren't lots of expats working illegally in the Land of Smiles. Solicitor firms based in this country that are approached by someone fired for taking too long with their visa run may or may not be able to do too much to help their client. However, apart from the options in companies that provide a service to take foreign nationals to a neighbouring country of Thailand to get a new visa or stamp in their passport, there are plenty of legal firms that claim to be able to help with work permit applications and the associated visas as part of the whole process. Illegal aliens residing in the Kingdom of Thailand and are working that are not too careful could find themselves with a huge fine and deportation order or in the worst case scenario, a jail sentence.

One problem that some people have when going on a visa run to Cambodia where there are lots of interesting temples is not wanting to get back to Thailand in order to resume their work. This type of action however, could easily result in a foreigner illegally employed in Thailand being dismissed by the company they work for and then a search for a competent lawyer to help with their case. Of course, firms such as the well established Thomas Manfield employment solicitors that are asked to deal with one of these delicate cases are likely to refuse the challenge due to the legalities of such matters. Visa run companies that knowingly help people illegally working in Thailand to be able to extend their stay in the kingdom and continue to make a living there may end up in serious trouble. There are fortunately plenty of highly reputable firms that provide this sort of service that play by the book and therefore can be trusted by their customers.

Most foreign nationals that choose a company providing a service to get a new visa from Cambodia, Laos or Malaysia do so in order to make the whole process a lot more convenient compared to planning such trips independently. There is a big difference in the options of visa run providers, some being very good value for money and others not lasting too long in this competitive type of service. Well established legal firms such as employment solicitors London with a branch in Bangkok, Thailand could possibly be able to help people with work permits that feel they have been unfairly dismissed. But whether a foreign national will be able to win damages for being fired for no reason or not is not always easy to judge as most lawyers that work on these cases will be more than aware of. Having peace of mind by using a professional service for visa runs is one good reason to pay for this very popular new visa option.