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Visa renewal through a Cape Town hostel

Sometimes travellers are caught off guard by the visa regulations that exist in the country they are visiting. This is especially true when visas are issued on arrival. In this case, travellers are prone to pay less attention to the fine print, heading into the country without doing their homework. This is typically more of an issue in a country like Thailand - where the visa regulations are notoriously fluid - than it would be in a place like South Africa. The latter enjoys a better relationship with the West, to the extent that some South African nationals even carry a Dutch passport.

If you are staying in South Africa and have questions about the visa extension process, the best move is to check in with the staff at your Cape Town hostel. They will be well aware of the local visa requirements, and if any action is necessary on your behalf, they will be happy to connect you with the proper authorities. However, there is a good chance that you will have plenty of time to enjoy a safari in Kruger National Park and dig into the local metropolitan night scene without ever having to renew or extend your visa. In Thailand, on the other hand, there is an equally good chance that you will have to stage a visa run if you want to continue your adventure. Border runs are a part of tourist life in the Land of Smiles, so staying on the right side of immigration law may require contacting a border run specialist.