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The Visa-An Important Travel Document

Before you travel to another country, you must make sure that you have the proper documents. Aside from your passport and identification cards, you may need to have a visa. This is a document or a stamp on your passport that is issued by the embassy of your destination. It shows that you are given official permission to enter the country.

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The kind of document that is issued to you depends on various factors such as your citizenship, the intended duration of your stay, and the activities that you want to do in the destination. That is why there are several types of these travel documents in existence. These are some of the most common ones:

  • A transit visa allows you to pass through a country in order to board or connect to a flight for your destination. Usually, it is valid for a stay of 5 days or less.
  • A tourist visa allows you to have a limited period of travel in the host land for leisure and sightseeing purposes. You are not allowed to do a business activity of any kind during your stay.
  • A student visa permits you to study in the host country. The usual recipients of these documents are students seeking specialised or advanced courses that are not offered in their land.
  • An immigrant visa is issued if you are intending to immigrate and live in the issuing nation. Assuming you fulfil the conditions in your agreement, you will be then issued with a permanent resident card.

A visa is checked by the host nation's immigration officials to verify your identity before you exit the airport and step on your destination's soil.