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Thai visa runs and cruises onboard the Mariner of the Seas

Anyone who has spent some time in Thailand will know that it can be pretty hard to leave. Many people have chosen not to return to their country of origin and have instead made a life for themselves here in the 'land of smiles' as it is known to many. Although living in Thailand is a very appealing and viable option there are some rather strict visa regulations that must be adhered to so as to not run afoul of the law, as to do so could ruin one's chances of returning to its sunny shores. Sunny shores are one of many things that will be experienced by passengers on board a luxury liner as it sails through some of the most gorgeous seas around. There are no end of different places that can be visited as there are also no end of ports of departure from which to set sail on a seafaring holiday that is nothing shy of astonishing. Astonishing is a good way to describe some of the visa run companies that help foreigners or 'farang' attain a new Thai visa or perhaps extend their existing visa.

Although all the different types of visas are too numerous to be discussed here it is important to remember to distinguish between the basic types as particular visas should be made in particular places. Regardless of which particular place you would like to visit on shore leave from a luxurious ship like the Mariner of the Seas as long as it is near the coast and has a port nearby it is probably quite a viable option. Viable options are in abundance as long as the right visa run company is chosen. Some are unfortunately pretty dodgy and although they probably won't leave you at the border, they could however fail to help you in acquiring the type of visa that you where after. Coming from Bangkok the Thai capital, transit visas are best acquired on a short run to the Cambodian border, tourist visas and Immigrant B visas (business visas) are best acquired in Vientiane, Laos and will require a stay overnight, whilst Immigrant O and B visas, the former for those with Thai dependents, are best made in Malaysia which requires a couple of days and the journey is best made by plane due to the distance.

Regardless of the distance that separates you and your port of departure, that distance should not be seen as anything worth separating you from the holiday of a lifetime as to miss out on such a holiday would not do anyone any favours. You won't be doing yourself any favours by not getting the right visa and running into trouble with the Thai authorities. Whilst the punishment for overstaying is probably not as severe as it would be in many countries, to do so could jeopardize your future in Thailand. For Thai visa runs or cruises that have it all, get online today and discover for yourself how easy they are to arrange.