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Shopping List for Essential Travel Stuff

If you are looking for a unique holiday destination, travel to Pattaya, Thailand. But before you visit this beautiful city, you need to shop for important stuff. The following are just some of the essentials you can bring during your travel.

The first thing that should be on your shopping list is a bottle of sunscreen. This item may come in various forms like gel, spray, or lotion. All of these varieties reflect or absorb a percentage of ultraviolet (UV) radiation and protect the skin from sunburn. Since the highest temperature of Pattaya in the morning is 32.9 degrees Celsius, always purchase this sun protection product and apply it on your skin before hitting the beach.

Most of Thailand has a tropical dry and wet climate. Therefore, you have to buy other items that will protect you from too much outdoor exposure. One of these products is a pair of sunglasses, which come with specialised lens that shield your eyes from harsh sunlight. Another suitable item for you is a wide-brimmed straw hat to shelter your head from the heat. Of course, you should also shop for light and comfortable clothes in department stores or summer clothing boutiques.

As a tourist, you will need to bring along important documents such as your visa, passport, and driver's license. You cannot just stuff your legal papers in your travelling bag. Therefore, you have to purchase a sturdy folder or envelope for the storage of these papers. You may also keep your paperwork in an organiser for easy retrieval when you arrive in the airport. These products are typically found in bookstores.

While you can buy commodities in the market, find assistance with visa application on this site. Visit our other pages for additional details.