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Rental Car and Motorbike as Your Choice of Pattaya Transports

Pattaya is one of the major tourist attractions in Thailand. If you are looking for an exotic travel destination, why not visit this place? Before flying to the city, you have to educate yourself about its various transportation options. This way, getting around is easier for you.

There are different forms of transport here and hiring a motorbike is one of these. This option is practical since the rent is relatively cheap especially if you charter the vehicle for long periods. However, you have to pay around 150 baht or 3 pounds for a 1-day hire. These prices are applicable for smaller models. If you like larger rides, you need to pay bigger amounts. If you are looking for the most convenient form of bike transportation, go for the scooter type since it is very easy to manoeuvre and you do not require a clutch to change gears.

While the former helps you get around Pattaya traffic easily, hiring a car offers you comfort during heavy rains. This type of weather usually lasts from the months of June till October. If you are interested in chartering an automobile, you can find several vehicle rental companies in the city. The price range differs according to auto make and model. For example, rides with old engines are offered at 500 baht or 10 pounds per day. On the other hand, sleek four-wheel drives are rented out for 1200 baht or higher, which is around 25 pounds.

If you are planning to visit Thailand and its various cities, you need to prepare many things before booking your flight. One of these is visa application, and you can find the assistance you need on this site.