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Make sure you're covered; funeral insurance Australia and Thai visa runs

Making sure that you're covered for both the best and worst times in your life should be a high priority for all of us. If you care about your loved ones you'll ensure that they won't suffer anymore than they have to by taking out a policy that'll cover the expenses of your burial and memorial service when the time comes for you to depart from the earth. Being covered doesn't always have to involve the negative things in life; it can also involve making sure that everything is above board so that you can continue enjoying the best things in life as well. As anyone who's been to Thailand is most probably aware, it's difficult to leave when the time comes. Many of us have chosen not to leave the 'land of smiles' but instead set up a life here. In order to do so, and avoid trouble with the Thai authorities, it is necessary to ensure that you have a current visa which is where the phenomenon of the 'visa run' comes in.

For those that are unsure what one is, a visa run is a short trip to one of the neighbouring countries around Thailand, in order to come back with a current visa and enjoy the Thai lifestyle for a little longer. And now, back to the much more somber subject of policies relating to burial cover and expenses for funerals. Most people are unaware of just how affordable it is to organize funeral insurance Australia and ensure that when the time comes, their family will be able to access funds within a very short period of time, usually not much more than 24 hours after notification. It's also incredibly cheap with basic policies starting as low as a few dollars a week, which is not a great expense for peace of mind. Another thing that many are unaware of is that taking out such a cover can also benefit you whilst you are still here in that most policies do pay out a reasonable percentage every few years so you will get something out of it that you will be able to enjoy in the land of the living. Speaking of enjoyment, making a visa run in order to be able to spend more time whilst in Thailand has never been easier than what it is now.

The type of visa you are looking at attaining usually determines your destination so for a short visa, or to honour a 60 or 90 day visa commitment, Cambodia will most likely be your destination whilst to make a longer visa, like the 60 day tourist or a yearlong immigrant B or O visa, you'll have to head to Vientiane in Laos or Penang in Malaysia. Regardless of where you are heading and what type of visa you are after, you're sure to enjoy your trip and be back in Thailand before you know it. Make sure you're prepared for both the best and worst things in life.