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Keeping Your Home Safe While You Are Away on Holiday

Most people just enjoy holidays. It is an opportunity to take a break from the daily stresses of life. For some people however, travelling means they have to leave their homes unattended for a few days, or even for a few weeks. Keeping their houses safe while they are gone becomes a major concern and this worry can sometimes lessen their enjoyment during their trip. It becomes a lot easier if they have a loved one or a trusted friend who can take over their house while they are away but, if that is not option, there are still certain things they can do to keep their property secure.

If you have such concerns, you can buy new locks and install them on your gate (if you have one), your doors, and your windows before you leave on vacation. You should also temporarily cancel newspaper, milk, and other regular deliveries to your address, starting the week before your holiday up until the time you get back from your destination. Newspapers piled up on the front porch are a sign to thieves that no one is around. You should also tell a trusted neighbour about your trip. Give them details on how they can contact you while you are gone. This way, they can alert you whenever they see something suspicious around your home. On the day before your vacation, turn off the volume on your telephones. Phones constantly ringing with no one there to answer are dead giveaways for thieves. You should also install timers for your lights so that they turn on and off at appropriate times. You can also use timers for a radio. This can give the impression that your abode is still occupied.