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Going On A Quick Sightseeing Trip While In Laos

When you stop by this landlocked nation, either for business or pleasure, spark the adventurer in you by visiting even just one among a number of attractions that this republic offers. It is a good way to inject more culture in your consciousness while unwinding and feasting your senses on visual marvels.

For those who have come for a border run, Vientiane will be the most likely place you will find yourself lodged at, as this is the capital city. Here are a few tourist spots that you should take a look at on your free period in the country's largest metropolis:

  • That Luang Stupa
  • This is the most sacred mound-like Buddhist monument in Laos and serves as its national icon. Built in the 16th century, it contains many cultural representations. It has three levels and measures about 147 feet high from the ground to its apex.

  • Patuxai
  • Formerly known as the Anousavary, this is a monument erected after World War II and dedicated to those who fought for independence from France. Also called as Victory Gate, it shares similarities in appearance with the Arc de Triomphe although the former bears intricate designs.

  • Talaat Sao
  • This two-storey morning market is open daily from seven in the morning to four in the afternoon. It has small shops and restaurants selling various kinds of merchandise, ranging from fruits and vegetables to silk. Coming to this place is a perfect way to collect souvenirs and interesting items.

These are only some of the attractions found in Vientiane. If you cannot get enough of these, enquire with your travel agent for other must-see places.