What You need to Know about Getting Married in Thailand

Tying the knot is not an easy task as there are many documents that you need to work on before you can say I do. More work is also required especially if you want a destination wedding. But if you plan to get married in Thailand, then there are providers of legal services that you can rely on. Rather than registering your matrimony in your home country or handling the paperwork on your own, it is recommended that you get assistance. That way, you can fully enjoy your big day instead of worrying about the law and its implications.

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The first thing you need to do is visit your designated embassy in Bangkok. You need to get a statutory declaration that verifies your status and that you are eligible to marry. If you were previously divorced, you may need to present pertinent papers. This requisite, however, is dependent on your consular office, but it is ideal that you still prepare them to avoid problems.

You should also bring a photocopy of your passport, specifically the front page, to be presented to the embassy. Once you have complied with all the requirements, affidavits will then be issued to you and your partner. Since these documents are written in the native language, they still need to be translated at an authorised bureau. The process would usually take two to three days to complete.

Afterwards, you will be required to endorse your papers to the local Registrar or Balat for verification. This procedure would take another two days to arrange. Once that is done, you can then arrange for the invitation of the said official to your wedding as well as bring along the marriage certificate (which is ready for the affixing of signatures). Now based on the information above, it is important that you allot enough time to work on your documents before your scheduled wedding day.

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