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Extended holidays in Thailand and cruise trips around the world

Thailand is a fascinating country and one that cannot possibly be appreciated in the space of just a couple of weeks. In order to understand the place and discover its hidden secrets a longer stay is required. If you wish to extend your holiday in Thailand once you are there then it is quite easy to book a visa run with an agency that will handle all the border formalities for you. A trip on an oceangoing liner is a completely different kind of break and one where you get the opportunity to have a taste of a number of different countries in a few short weeks. This is a good type of vacation for people that want to see the world and may like to come back to certain places at a later date to explore them in more depth. Some places will grant multiple entry visas for people that wish to stay for a few months and Thailand is one of these. The trouble is that you still need to leave and come back to the country every 60 or 90 days, depending on the type of visa you are granted, to activate the next entry.

If you are visiting any places that require a visa whilst on a ship-based holiday then these will need to be sorted out before departing for your journey. Most voyages include the option of going on a number of shore excursions and it would be a shame if your very first cruise were spoiled because you could not participate in these trips. It is perfectly possible to cross a border and return without using the services of a visa agency in Thailand but it can be a lot less hassle if you do. Normally they offer a VIP service that means you do not have to queue up when leaving and entering the country and can relax in a nearby hotel while all the paperwork is dealt with by a company representative. All good ship operators will advise their passengers on the necessary paperwork that needs to be obtained before leaving for their holiday and because the vessels spend no longer than a few days in any one country it is not necessary to get any extensions. Shore excursions are taken with guides who will help to smooth your path wherever you go.

The guides that accompany you on visa trips in and out of Thailand should escort you through passport control points and make sure that everybody gets back on the minibus or plane when it is time to go back. There are a number of companies running these services so it might pay to shop around. For better deals on sea voyages, it is sometimes possible to book trips at the last minute at discounted prices although some companies are trying to discourage this practice and are offering more attractive prices for passengers that book their holiday well in advance. Either way, you are sure to have a good time.