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Don't worry about medical negligence on your visa run

With some complex and even bizarre visa requirements for Thailand, some people find themselves having to do regular 'border runs' in order to ensure that they remain in the country legally. These can be easily arranged at travel agents and specialist visa run companies, who tend to take care of all the paperwork required when crossing international borders. Some people occasionally suffer injuries on their visa run, in the situations where medical treatment is required, it can often be a chaotic and confusing time. Some medical facilities in less developed countries such as Cambodia and Laos are not up to the high standards that many Westerners have come to expect, common complaints include unhygienic practices, overcharging, and incorrect diagnoses and treatments.

Making a claim of medical negligence can be an option for those who feel they have been treated badly, however it may involve paying for lawyers or solicitors to fight your case, with no guarantee of success. Making a legal case against a hospital can often be complicated and is unlikely to be possible without extensive legal advice, you may also have certain time limits and requirements that must be adhered to. Most visa runs go smoothly and without incidents, and using a visa run company can help to minimise any stress or complications that may occur when crossing an international border. The best way to ensure your visa run is a success is to plan ahead and know the details and requirements of the visa you wish to apply for.