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Car rentals Coolangatta Gold Coast and Asia visa runs

No matter where you are traveling in Asia, the best way to get around is often by road. The wonders of countries like Australia, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos are often much seen better from a rental car than from a plane or a public bus. The freedom that renting a car can give us makes a big difference to any holiday or visa run as you can see the sights at a pace that suits. Car rental rules vary from country to country across Asia so make sure you have all the documents you need to rent a car and that you know the rules of the road. If using your rental car for a visa run in Asia it is also important to check whether you will be allowed bring the car across the border.

If you are coming from a Western country you should have no problems driving a rental car around Australia. Pick up car rentals Coolangatta Gold Coast and you can easily explore the beautiful sights of Australia's east coast. However, driving a rental car in countries like Thailand or Cambodia can be trickier. However, if you are confident of your driving skills you should get into the swing of things quickly. Many longer-term residents in southeast Asian countries such as Thailand or Laos rent cars to make visa trips. Visa runs or border runs to neighbouring countries are often necessary to extend or renew a visa, and traveling in a rental car is often more enjoyable than by bus.