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Border hotels won't be as luxurious as verbier chalets in Switzerland

One of the worst things about living abroad is the dreaded visa run. Many expats who live abroad choose to stay in hot countries. Unfortunately many of these countries have restrictions on the visas that they issue. One of these restrictions is a cap on the amount of time you're allowed to stay in the country before you have to depart. Quite often this requires someone to visit a border to leave and re-enter. This is often done on the same day and is quite permissible within the immigration laws.

It can be an arduous task getting to a border and some companies make the process easier by taking you for a fee. It's possible to stay on the border but the accommodation won't be very good and isn't likely to be as luxurious as verbier chalets in the Swiss mountains. This type of accommodation caters for holidaymakers that are in the mountains to go skiing or snowboarding. This type of holiday is often action packed and fun. These resorts are generally centered on a town with restaurants and bars and are conveniently located near to skiing slopes. There are many slopes which cater for different skill levels and these resorts attract both novice skiers who are still learning and professional skiers who are trying to practice their technique. Some slopes have incredibly long runs of up to thirty kilometers while others are great for kids with gentle slopes that allow them to practice before heading higher up the mountain.