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An LCD TV is a good companion

If you're an expat living in Thailand - Pattaya to be precise - and are on a multiple entry visa of some kind, you'll be expected to do what's called a 'visa run'. This is required by law and what happens is that you have to leave the country every ninety days. There is a company there who will deal with all the paperwork and transport you to and from the nearest border with Cambodia. A minibus is provided - more that one if necessary - and as the whole round trip takes approximately seven hours, there's even a television on board showing movies so there's no need to get bored. If you have difficulty getting out and about, you'll no doubt spend a great deal of time indoors.

Buy an LCD TV to enhance your viewing pleasure, if you can afford it. If you're fluent in the Thai language then you may well be happy watching the local and national television programs that are broadcast. If however you don't understand a single word, then you'd be wise to invest in a DVD player - blu ray or otherwise. You can purchase films from many specialist stores and even on from street vendors. Do be aware though that there are copies out there, so your viewing experience might be not be what you expect. Many pirate versions of the latest blockbusters are filmed in the cinema and a person or two straying in front of the camera is a common sight!