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All About Popular Sports in Malaysia

If you are planning to experience Malaysian tourist attractions soon, consider trying out the country's traditional and international athletics.

For holidaymakers who want to take it easy, it is recommended that you try out kite flying, which is considered a sport as much as a recreation. Competitions for this begin as early as the kites are unfurled. Part of the requirements for this event is the complexity and beauty of the designs of the kite.

Moving on to more traditional sports, the country is famous for sepak takraw. It is a game where players kick a ball made of rattan. The competition is done in a court with a net similar to volleyball. Another one is the silat. This is Malaysian martial arts where both men and women can compete.

If you are looking for athletics that are more familiar though, many Malaysians also enjoy badminton and ping pong. Simply find a court that you like and play away! Of course, there are other sports that are widely played by locals and tourists alike. Included on the list are bowling, soccer, swimming, cricket and many others.

With the variety of sporting options available, tourists who are gaming or fitness enthusiasts would not find Malaysia lacking in those regards. If you are not planning to get competitive, then simply watch the tournaments. Pair all these with sightseeing and cuisine sampling and your holiday will surely be a blast!

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